Balarama with his consort Revati; Rajasthan, Nathadwara, Late 19th century. LACMA

Goddess Ganga, Gupta period, circa. 405–15; Besnagar, Madhya Pradesh. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

from the Bhāgavata Purāṇa

Pṛthu chases the goddess earth, from an illustrated manuscript of the Bhāgavata Purāṇa; Pahari School; attributed to the artist Manaku, circa 1740, Guler, Punjab Hills. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Rāma, Lakṣmaṇa and Sīta return to Ayodhya on the puṣpaka vimāna of Rāvaṇa Malwa, 17th century

The Creation of Goddess Durga and the Slaying of the Buffalo Demon Mahiṣa from the Devi Mahātmya

Durga Mahiṣāsuramardini. Kangra, Himachal Pradesh; Pahari region, circa 1800; The beautiful goddess with all her armory is astride the back of the enormous black buffalo, from whose severed head springs the demon; Durga’s vāhana the lion joining the fray as demon minions flee in fear — while the devas look on.

Durga Killing the Buffalo Demon, c. 1300 — c. 1500; volcanic stone; Java, Indonesia. Rijks Museum

The “Javanisation” of Durga

The general outline of Javanese Durga figures shows a certain uniformity, despite great diversity in details. Since the variety of depictions of Durga in the Indian context is much greater, one can assume that only very few examples were available to Javanese artists to take iconographic inspiration from. They applied…

Viṣṇu asleep on the serpent Śeṣa, Folio from the Devi Mahātymya; Mandi, circa 1770

From the Devi Mahātmya

Goddess Ambika Leading the Eight Mother Goddesses in Battle Against the Demon Raktabija, Folio from a Devimahatmya Manuscript, Nepal, early 18th century; LACMA

Five headed Gaṇeśa on a tiger Punjab Hills, Kangra 19th century

Gaṇeśa seated on a lion throne, 10th century. The Met Museum

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